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  • Here to Provide Quality Veterinary Care

    Meeting the health care needs of your companions

    Our team offers the veterinary services you need, whether you have a dog, cat, horse or farm animal, your companion's health is our top priority.

  • Welcoming New Patients in North Fort Myers

    New patients are always welcome at our clinic

    At Van Roekel & Associates, we provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services and go above and beyond to ensure your animal get the quality care they deserve.

    Patient Information

Dog and cat veterinary services

Services for Dogs & Cats

Routine preventive care for your dog or cat is so important, we are proud to offer everything from vaccinations and dentistry to surgical services.

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Equine veterinary

Equine Veterinary Care

Vet care that allows your horse to achieve and maintain good health, from lameness assessments and equine dentistry to pre-purchase exams.

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Farm animals veterinarian

Farm Animal Services

We also offer a diverse selection of in-house services to help keep farm animals from North Fort Myers and surrounding areas healthy.

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Woman with a horse

Providing Quality Care to Your Pet Since 1976

Welcome to Our North Fort Myers Animal Hospital

Van Roekel & Associates is a full-service veterinary clinic that offers care for cats, dogs, horses, and large farm animals in North Fort Myers, Naples, Punta Gorda, Alva, and the surrounding areas.

From preventive and therapeutic care for cats and dogs to equine healthcare and emergencies to farm animal services, our broad and varied service offering can meet all of your pet’s health needs in one place.

We care for North Fort Myers’s companion animals as well as farm animals and have developed a reputation over the years for quality, professional care with a compassionate touch.

Whether you are bringing your animal in to see us for the first time, or have been counting on our veterinary team for years, we will treat your animal as if it was our own.

About Our Hospital

Meet Our North Fort Myers Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are caring and empathetic as well as knowledgeable about the health care needs of your pets. They stay ahead of changes in the field to provide the best care to each and every patient.

Meet Our Vets

High-Quality Care From Experienced Vets

Core Services for Dogs & Cats 

Van Roekel & Associates is a full-service pet hospital that offers high-quality veterinary services for dogs and cats in North Fort Myers. From routine exams and vaccinations to internal medicine and dental care, we've got all the services you need for your furry friend needs under one roof.

Cat veterinarian
Dog veterinarian testimonials
  • Our Vet was quiet and patient with an anxious horse, and his years of experience are obvious. He discussed treatment options in a respectful and thorough manner, helping me to decide what will work best for my horse and budget.
    - Amy

Valuable Knowledge for Pet Owners

Tips & Advice From Our Pet Hospital Team

Whether you are looking for advice about parasite protection or information on common pet illnesses, our informative blogs feature helpful tips and advice from our North Fort Myers vets that will help you to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Tetanus in Horses

Tetanus in Horses

Tetanus is a serious, often fatal disease that affects horses. Caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, tetanus poses a significant threat to equine health. In this blog post, our vets in North Fort Myers discuss the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention crucial for horse owners.

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Facial Swelling in Dogs

Facial Swelling in Dogs

For dogs, facial swelling can happen suddenly. While allergic reactions can lead to facial swelling, many factors can contribute. In this article, our North Fort Myers vets list causes and symptoms and explain how to reduce facial swelling in dogs.

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What to Do if Your Dog Collapses or Passes Out

What to Do if Your Dog Collapses or Passes Out

As a responsible pet owner, witnessing your dog collapse or pass out can be a terrifying experience. It's crucial to stay calm and take immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. In this blog post, our vets in North Fort Myers will discuss the common reasons for a dog's collapse, immediate actions to assess and aid an unconscious dog, and steps to seek professional veterinary help.

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Proudly Welcoming You and Your Pet

Address & Hours

Van Roekel & Associates proudly serves patients in North Fort Myers and beyond.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday:08:00 am - 05:00 pm
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18930 Old Bayshore Rd North Fort Myers FL 33917 US

Phone Number

(239) 694-7177

New Patients Welcome

We are accepting new patients at Van Roekel & Associates! Our veterinary team is dedicated to the care of North Fort Myers dogs and cats, horses, and farm animals. Reach out today to book your animal's first appointment.

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